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Ma Taylor's Comfort Food Valley Wide!

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Our goal is to produce the best tasting, fresh, made from scratch, visually pleasing food, with flavors that create interest and make you get that look on your face that says...."THIS.IS.AMAZING". 

Created by a classically trained Chef!


 In the early years, Dave joined the US Navy and honed his skills aboard Navy rescue/salvage ships as a Navy Diver and feeding the crew. After the Navy, Dave obtained his Culinary Arts degree at the University of Sydney, Australia. When he returned to the US, he worked for several large restaurants, hotels, and country clubs, gaining vast experience and attaining the level of Executive Chef. Dave also helped to launch some very well known restaurants.  Eventually, he grew weary of working grueling hours for other people and completely changed his career for 15 years. Now, he's back, taking his expansive experience and using it to create the food he loves to share. But, this time he's working for himself! If you see him taking a break, ask him how he got the nickname "Ma". It's a fun story!

Because we love it!


We love creating good food, we love to share it, and now we can! Please stop by and give it a try when we are out and about!