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July 27 at 1:21 PM · 

Met you guys at Bone Haus grill. Food is awesome,meatloaf sandwich . Took a chicken pot pie to go and get had it for lunch. Best pot pie that I have ever tasted. Almost broke up my marriage because my wife wanted to share it. Keep it up.


July 19 at 12:34 PM · 

amazing meat from scratch and home made gravy. so delicious!!

the guys are awesome too!!


June 21, 2018 · 

Met Dave at our Go Daddy stop. Very sweet professional. Great humor he has. Looking forward to working some more stops with you Dave. Thank you for the amazing meatloaf sandwich and kale salad. I enjoyed it very much coming from a person not interested in meatloaf but yours will do :) All amazing flavors in every direction.

 Cindy Carroll  recommends Ma Taylor's Kitchen.

April 20 · 

Dave and Mike are awesome! I always feel like my mom is in his kitchen - real ingredients, fantastic food!!


February 10, 2018 · 

Here's the deal Ma.. you are a great guy! The beef pot pie was extraordinary. We felt like you invited us right to your kitchen table! The crust was light and flaky with the right amount of savory. That slow cooked beef with just the right amount of seasoning... even though we were full when we started, we found ourselves eating more and more! Loved it! Keep up the great food!


May 22 · 

Ma Taylor's Kitchen was n our office complex this afternoon and based upon the other reviews I picked the chicken pot pie and kale salad. Everything about the pot pie was delicious and the crust was not soggy on the bottom. The kale salad was fresh and wonderful with a light and refreshing dressing. I hope you come back to this location Dave and Mike, I want to work my way through the whole menu!

Delicious food · Great value 

David Funk reviewed Ma Taylor's Kitchen5 star

March 25, 2018 · 

OK. So we're at the movie night last night set up next to Dave's truck and at the end we got one of his pot pies. I'm horribly picky eater and would normally pick through it and get out whatever I thought I didn't like. I scarfed that thing down in about 3 minutes. Without even worrying about what was in it. By the way it was chicken. OMG it was absolutely fantastic. We're really sucks is now that I'm writing this I'm thinking about how good it was and wish I had one right now at 9 a.m. on Sunday. Thanks folks for a wonderful dinner treat I look forward to seeing you folks in the future!


January 17 · 

10/10 yum. Had the meatloaf—nice serving size—everything delicious and friendly staff.

Professional staff · Great value 


February 21, 2018 · 

Absolutely delicious! Amazing food and service with a smile! Thank you for delicious cake too! It’s refreshing to find a food truck with an owner that has a real passion for good food and real ingredients. ���


January 29 · 

Best kale salad and tomato basil soup I have ever had!!! I highly recommend!

Experienced chefs · Delicious food · Professional staff · Great value · Creative cuisine 


Amber Olson reviewed Ma Taylor's Kitchen5 star

November 7, 2018 · 

Amazing chicken pot pie and great service!!


Nick Carrico  recommends Ma Taylor's Kitchen.

January 19 · 

i had their grilled cheese bacon back with tomato soup and it was delicious. the bread was perfectly golden and the bacon was the right amount of flavor!! not to mention the mozzarella flavor in the tomato soup!!! mmmm!! tasty!!!!

 Bonnie Sposato reviewed Ma Taylor's Kitchen5 star

April 24, 2018 · 

Grilled cheese with Canadian Bacon is yummy! lemon bars are the best!! ���


January 10 · 

Food was amazing, hot sauce was delicious and the people were the best!!!

Professional staff · Delicious food · Creative cuisine · Personalised menus ·Experienced chefs 


March 28, 2018 · 

Everything I've had has been wonderful! From the salads all the way through to dessert.


January 19 · 

amazing food tomato soup was perfect for a cold night great flavor and clean comfy seating and wonderful ppl ( owner of culinary skol) thx chef

Delicious food · Professional staff · Creative cuisine · Good for parties · Great value 


December 1, 2018 · 

The season crust pulled pork pie is awesome! Perfectly spicy and every bite looked like art on my fork lol. You do an amazing job. Thanks again!


October 7, 2018 · 

Tried their tomato soup and grilled cheese for the first time at the Food Truck Round Uo event and it was delish!! I can’t wait to see them again and order this. They were very sweet and friendly!

Great food · Creative cuisine 


June 16, 2018 · 

Wonderful food! The owners truly appreciate their customers and care about their food served. Had the meatloaf. Great job Chef Dave!

Friendly staff · Excellent service · Good value · Fast delivery 


Jason Haley reviewed Ma Taylor's Kitchen5 star

October 28, 2018 · 

You haven't lived until you've had the meatloaf sandwich.


June 16, 2018 · 

Loved the Cheesy Canadian! Will be back for the Chicken Pot Pie.

Great food · Friendly staff · Good value · Excellent service 


Johnny Ruiz reviewed Ma Taylor's Kitchen5 star

March 17, 2018 · 

# DELICIOUS we loved it...


September 19, 2018 · 

just had chicken pot pies....OMG so good!!!

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yelp reviews


 David M.

David M. - 5 stars - suppressed by Yelp

San Francisco, CA

0 friends

1 review

5.0 star rating7/19/2019

My office and I have food trucks come by every Friday, and every Friday I am out there at the food truck for lunch.

This truck is without a doubt the best one we've ever had at our offices - best food truck I'v ever had.

Got a pot pie with chili cheese fries as a side and 2 fruit pies for dessert. Everything was absolutely stellar. 10/10 food, my office and I will be emailing HR in hopes of getting them here again next week.

Staff was funny, friendly, and genuinely helpful.
How these guys don't have only 5 star reviews is beyond me.


Adam C. 5 stars - suppressed by Yelp

Southside, Berkeley, CA

206 friends

2 reviews

5.0 star rating7/19/2019

Wow, this place is where it's at! Really friendly owner; has professional experience as a chef. He even gave me a tour of what the inside of their truck looked like. It was really clean I must add. To top it off the meatloaf grilled cheese was delicious. Highly recommend this place!

 Bonnie S. - 5 stars - suppressed by Yelp

Scottsdale, AZ

0 friends

8 reviews

5.0 star rating7/30/2019

Love Ma Taylor's Kitchen!  Amazing green chili pot pie!  Great service too!  Worth tracking and meeting up


Marilyn M. - 5 stars

Scottsdale, AZ

0 friends

40 reviews

5.0 star rating6/20/2019

Excellent in every way!  Amazing chicken pot pie.  Crust is fantastic and the flavor of the pot pie was homemade deliciousness!  Pasta salad was packed with flavor including capers.  Must try the dessert. Yummy fruit pan pies.  Crust was 5 star with cherry, apple or peach filling. We dine out at the top restaurants.  These guys are the real deal

Customer service was the best!!

K Y. - 5 stars

Phoenix, AZ

0 friends

17 reviews

  • 5.0 star rating5/22/2019After reading the reviews on Facebook I decided on the chicken pot pie and kale salad. The salad was fresh and flavorful with a delicious dressing and the pot pie was terrific! The crust stayed nice and crispy even on the bottom, the chicken was lean and so tender, seasonings were just right. Great quality and service.


Karen N. - 5 stars - suppressed by Yelp

Peoria, AZ

0 friends

1 review

5.0 star rating4/29/2019

Great food and excellent fast service at reasonable prices.  Highly recommend the chicken pot pie.


Tonya N. - 1 star

Scottsdale, AZ

9 friends

5 reviews

1.0 star rating4/27/2019

Customer service was poor. The chef was surprisingly sarcastic and rude with many employees round. He also said something unprofessional about me to another coworker when I walked way. I am on the deciding board for discussion on who to bring back again to our corporate office. Could not believe his remarks.


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